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Kimberly was cut from the album while it was still a demo. I used the demo in my original kickstarter video. Ken Stringfellow thought that Angie and Don't Worry Gina were stronger songs and that I had too many songs with girl names in the title. When I wrote Sing Along, I knew that I had to record it for the album, and that was going to be the title track as well as the lead track. However, Ken had already left Austin six months prior to lead his amazing and vigorous life as a musician. Luckily he mixed this track, and had taught us so much about recording that both Sing Along and this song would have fit right in with his production values even though he wasn't present. We got the Hardproof horns on it, with a swap out on trumpet. If Ken hadn't cut it from the album, I think I would have for much the same reason that I Got A Feeling got cut, except that this song was more fifties (minus the half diminished and fully diminished chords that I use in almost every damn song). Originally I was going to produce this track in the style of "Suzanne" by Weezer, but I had been listening to a lot of McGuire Sisters, especially the track "Sincerely", and this production kind of did neither of those things. I might try and record it more like Weezer, and maybe more like the McGuire Sisters and see which version I like better and throw it onto the next album.

You know, some day maybe I'll write down all the back story on all of the songs. Kim was a nice gal from Parma Heights, Ohio and she became a school teacher. She had a dazzling smile and drove me bonkers. I think she's a teacher in the Houston area now with a family.

Our thing was mostly not a thing. It was mostly off, with a little bit of on. It could have been good, but we were in our twenties and didn't know shit about shit. I still don't know shit about shit.


She creeps in just like the tide
Just as surely she recedes
And if I could read her mind
I would give her what she needs, whoa oh oh oh oh

Kimberly (Kimberly Kimberly)
when are you going to give your love to me
Cause I've been waiting patiently for Kimberly whoa oh oh oh oh

I can count on her to call
Every couple weeks or so
I can count on her to call
when she's got nowhere to go, whoa oh oh oh oh

Kimberly (Kimberly Kimberly)
when are you going to give your love to me
(I want to know if you're all right)
Cause I can't keep on waiting for you Kimberly (
But then you disappear from sight)
whoa oh oh oh oh

And I may never know
what it is she wants from me
and so i've got to let you go
but it kills me
it kills me Kimberly
whoa oh oh oh oh
whoa oh oh oh oh
whoa oh oh oh oh


from I Got a Feeling​/​Kimberly 7 inch, released May 5, 2017
Written and produced by Phil Ajjarapu
Mixed by Ken Stringfellow
Mastered by Mike Hagler
Engineered by Matt Simon

Brent Baldwin - Guitar
Ehren Lorfing - Drums
Bryan Mammel - Piano
Micah Shalom - Trumpet
Jason Frey - Tenor Saxophone
Joe Woullard - Baritone Saxophone
Phil Ajjarapu - all vox, Bass, additional guitar on intro



all rights reserved


Phil Ajjarapu Portland, Oregon

Phil Ajjarapu is an Austin, TX based songwriter. He's played bass and pedal steel for many bands over the years, and was finally prompted to make his solo album after a near fatal accident in March of 2012

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